With an M.A. in French Literature, Law and History, Françoise BERTHEAU-GUILLET started her professional career as Project Manager in charge of Broadcasting for the French Ministry of Culture. She then worked as a producer for major companies such as Continental Cameras, CFC / GAUMONT ROBUR, Flashfilm and for international Pearson Group. In 1999, she set up her own Production Company, “EXILENE FILMS”, with Coficiné as a shareholder, and with JLA Group  (since 2001).

Françoise co-produced international series such as ’Force de frappe’ / ‘Strike Force’ (66 x 44′ – TF1, Radio Canada, US Network), ‘Fly by night’ (12 x 44 ‘ – TF1, Radio Canada, US Network), ‘Melodrama Collection’ (12 x 90 ‘- La 5, M6, FR3, TSR, RETEITALIA), and ‘Voices in the Garden’ (FR3 / BBC). She has initiated some emblematic youth series such as ‘Seconde B’ (208 x 26’), ‘Nos Années pension’ / ‘The Dorm Years’ (104 x 26 ‘), hour series such as ‘Action Spéciales Douanes’ / ‘C.H.A.: Customs House Agent’, half hour series such as  ‘La Famille Guérin’ / ‘The Guerin Family’ (Canal +), mini-series such as ‘Les Aventuriers des mers du sud’ / ‘The Stevensons’ and ‘Les Mariés de l’île Bourbon’ / ‘The Brides of Bourbon Island’.

In 2013, Exilène Films has produced ‘L’Esprit de famille’ / ‘Family Spirit’ (with Michael Youn, Ary Abittan, Richard Berry) (France 2) and in early 2014 ‘La Clef des champs’ / ‘Country Heaven’ (with François Berléand, Florence Pernel) (France 3).