Sorbonne beach


Running time : 63 minutes

Directed by Frédéric Variot and Alain Rudaz
Co-written by Frédéric Variot, Alain Rudaz, and Jean-Michel Gaillard
Music Editions Cristal Productions and Koka Média

Production Company(s)

With the partipation of France 5
With the partipation of the Centre National de la Cin


The Curie, the Joliot-Curie, the Perrin, and the Langevin families used to gather for the holidays in the set of toning steams of iodine and varec, on côtes dʼArmor, facing the Bréhat Island: Arcouest. Most of those « Sorgonagres » bought their houses next to each other. That is how the place became known as the Sorbonne Beach. This family story redraws also nearly a century old history of the French nuclear power, from the discovery of the radioactivity, through the atomic bomb and the nuclear power plants. It is from the Sorbonne Beach, the place so rich in souvenirs, that the descendants tell us the story of their famous parents and grandparents between the lines of the great History.

With David Perrin, biologist, son of Francis Perrin, physicist, inventor of the critic mass notion, grandson of Jean Perrin, Nobel Prize, Pierre Joliot, biologist, son of Frédéric Joliot and Irène Curie, Nobel Prize, grandson of Pierre and Marie Curie, Nobel Prize, her sister Hélène Langevin, physicist, wife of Michel Langevin, grandson of Paul Langevin, physicist at the origin of modern mathematics, known for having invented the sonar.