The Brides of Bourbon Island


No. of episodes : 2
Running time : 90 minutes

Directed by Euzhan PalcyScript by Jacqueline Cauet & Euzhan Palcy
Adaptation & dialogues Jacqueline Cauet, Raphaëlle Valbrune, and Jacqueline Cauet
Music by Jean-Marie Sénia, Editions Cristal Productions
Photos (c) Rémy Ravon

Production Company(s)

France 3

In collaboration with the Centre National de la Cinématographie, PROCIREP, ANGOA, TV5 MONDE, the Reunion Region, and the SACEM



Jean-Yves Berteloot – Sara Martins – Cécile Cassel – Marie Piot – Bruno Slagmulder – William Nadylam- Yannick Soulier – Lydia Ewandé – André Penvern.



Episode 1

Young orphans and prostitutes’ convoy leaves Salpêtrière to populate the Bourbon Island. Among them Alix and Louison. Beautiful and fragile Alix runs away from a painful past. While Louison, a former prostitute, is willing to do anything to obtain wealth and respectability. Upon her arrival, Alix is married to Henry la Baume, an upright man, but whom she feels incapable to love. Alix becomes friends with Marie, a young Malagasy married to Jules Gaudin, representative of the colonists of Saint- Paul. Louison on her side, wins the trust of father Romand, who escorted women’s convoy from France. The latter is scandalized to discover that the Clerk of the East India Company, responsible for the management of the colony, is a half-blood: the Knight Jean Penmach. Both men get engaged in a power struggle. Father Romand finds a powerful ally, Michel Blancpain, a rich owner with hooligan’s methods. But the beautiful Alix, a recent widow, will disturb the balance of power …

Episode 2

The rivalry between Jean Penmach and Michel Blancpain rages. Penmach only just escapes an ambush set by Blancpain. Thought Penmach dead, Blancpain takes advantage of the situation. He seizes two orphans who fleed the Malagasy revolt,taken in by Alix, and demands her to marry rapidly. Cornered, Alix finds comfort in Jean Penmach’s arms, who returned from the dead and decided to defeat Blancpain’s devilish plans. Alix and Jean realise that they love each other. Meanwhile, Louison is plotting to put the hand on the Blancpain’s fortune, the latter organizes with father Romand his marriage with Alix. On the Bourbon Island in the grip of a heavy racial tension, the confrontation is near.