The Stevensons


No. of episodes :2
Running time : 90 minutes Directed by Daniel Vigne

Script : Daniel Vigne & Michel Le Bris
Adaptation : Jean-Claude Baillon, Jean-François Goyet
Dialogues : Jean-François Goyet
Music : Michel Portal, Editions du 22 Décembre

Production Company(s)

Coproduction ARTE France – EXILENE FILMS

With the participation of France 2



Stéphane Freiss – Jane Birkin – Géraldine Chaplin – Karine Belly – Stéphane Medez.



Episode 1 : The Stevenson’s falé

1890. At the age of 40, after a severe lung emphysema, Louis Stevenson and his wife Fanny settle down on the island of Upolu, in the archipelago of Samoa, which climate is suitable for Stevenson’s recovery. Fascinated by its civilization, the couple lives in harmony with the natives, and the writer finds there a new inspiration. But, the political crisis mutters around them. Under the aegis of a German company, which wants to seize the coconut market, the colonial government placed in power a puppet sovereign and expels the inhabitants of their land. The legitimate king Mataafa, whose grand-daughter, Faoma, was taken in by the couple after the plunder of her village, is about to answer the provocations. To preserve peace, tevenson decides to arrange a meeting between the governor and king Mataafa…

Episode 2 : The Road of the Gratitude

Accused of defamation after publishing articles againt the colonial authorities in western newspapers, Louis Stevenson goes to trial, which risks to end with his eviction. Fanny and the writer’s mother, arrived recently on the island, attend the masquerade. But thanks to the testimony of his step-son’s fiancée, and a document proving that reverend Claxton prostitutes the natives, Stevenson avoids the eviction. While the war between the Samoans and the colonists threatens on Upolu, Stevenson’s domain Vailima is plundered. The arrival of an eccentric Lady Jersey, the wife of the English governor of the South Seas, the hope of peace is reborn. Even if Fanny is very jealous …