C.H.A.: Custom House Agents


No. of episodes: 6
Running time: 52 minutes

Directed by Adrien Gibbs & Patrick Jamain
Original Soundtrack : Pierre-Luc Jamain & Julien Chirol, released by A Prime Music Publishing

(c) Alain Laub/Exilène Filmss/ A Prime Group
(c) Charlotte Ramette/Exilène Filmss /A Prime Group

Production Company(s)

Co-produced by Exilène Filmss & Aprime Group
With the participation of France 2, France 4 , TV5 Monde, RTL, TVI, Be Films & the
Cente National de la Cinématographie (CNC)
With the support of the Head Office of Customs and Indirect Rights
With the support of the Provence Alpes Côte dʼAzur Region


Marc Duret – Boris Terral- Nadège Beausson-Diagne – Jean-Pierre Sanchez – Claire Perot- Frédéric Van der Driessche.


In Marseille, the customs officers, central figure of the series, are everywhere: on ground, on sea, in the sky, controlling trucks, boats, trains, planes and passenger cars.

State employees, the customs are in charge of pursuing the frauds, the counterfeit and the diverse traffics, to assure the safety of the citizens against the great troubles which threaten them (pollution, drug, terrorism), but also to protect the environment and the public health. The Customs officers pursue relentlessly traffickers and criminal organizations.

“ Customs Special Unit ” depicts the life of a task force of men and women of strong and engaging personalities.

In the suspense and the tension of trackings, infiltrations of criminal networks and shadowings, the danger of the questionings or the inspections, in the excitement of the glorious feats, but also the failures …

To cut a long story short, we are in the action !

Using sophisticated and often secret techniques, our customs officers are not ordinary “cops”, but rather hunters, sort of spies, workers of the shadow, in the service of an administration underestimated by the general public: the French Customs.