Munch Season 2



10 x 52 minutes Directed by Nicolas Guicheteau (9 to 12) -2018 and Frédéric Berthe (episodes 13 to 18) – 2018 A series created by Valérie Tong-Cuong – Marie Vinoy- Marie-Alice Gadéa – Clélia Constantine Authors: Marie-Alice Gadéa- Franck Philippon- Anthony Maugendre – Laurent Vachaud- Chloé Marçais – Sarah Farkas -Cécile Berger- Robin Barataud Collection Director: Chloé Marçais Original Music by Sophia Morizet LVA Music / One Music


Co-production: Exilène Films – JLA Productions – TF1 With the participation of RTL-TVI- Be Films With the participation of the CNC


Isabelle NANTY – Lucien Jean-Baptiste – Aurélien Wiik – Tom Villa – Paloma Coquant-


Season 2: For our shock lawyer, always as punchy and more offbeat than ever, Gabrielle Munchovski “Munch” (Isabelle Nanty) is always ready to defend good causes … With very personal methods! To help a dad on the run, she may venture out of nails, and the new prosecutor will leave him no chance. What motivate Bellanger, his favorite partner, to finally return from New York to watch the grain. The whole team is reunited again to meet the multiple challenges of this new season. But would Munch hide something about his private life?