8 x 52 minutes – Directed by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière (episodes 1 and 2 -2016) and Nicolas Guicheteau (episodes 3 to 8- 2017)

A series created by Valérie Tong-Cuong – Marie Vinoy- Marie-Alice Gadéa – Clélia Constantine

Authors: Marie Vinoy- Marie-Alice Gadéa- Bruno Dega- Jeanne Le Guillou
Alexandra Clert- Thomas Luntz- Anthony Maugendre – Laurent Vachaud

Collection Manager: Clélia constantine

Original music by Sophia Morizet and PJ Hanke
Editions LVA Music / A music
Photos © Gilles Gustine – © Christophe Charzat


Co-production: Exilène Films – JLA Productions – TF1
With the participation of RTL-TVI-Be Films
With the participation of the CNC


Isabelle NANTY – Lucien Jean-Baptiste – Aurélien Wiik – Tom Villa – Paloma Coquant – Loreyna Colombo


Gabrielle Munchovski “Munch” (Isabelle Nanty) is a brilliant and sulphurous criminal lawyer with a very personal philosophy. His ideals indeed convinced him that it was sometimes necessary to act without worrying about morality or the legality for justice to be rendered to his clients …