The Guérin Family


No. of episodes: 6
Running time: 26 minutes

Directed by Frédéric Berthe (Episodes 1-2-3) & Eric Lartigau (Episodes 4-5-6)
Co-written by Jean-Paul Bathany, Bruno Nicolini, Alexandre Pesle, Frédéric Proust
Original Soundtrack: Gilles Clément & Yves Dougin


Production Company(s)

Co-production : CANAL PLUS & EXILENE FILMS, with the partipation of the Center National de la
Cinématographie (CNC)


François Cluzet – Valérie Bonneton- Anne-Françoise Milhalcea – Maxime Baudoin- François Monnié.



The day-to-day existence of a middle class couple, their two children and their Sri Lankan butler (at their service for 3 years to pay off a debt of honor).

The ambition of this sitcom is to make laugh by diverting the family codes. The basic principles of the parental education (you should not lie, you should not cheat, etc.) will turn around against our characters.