Country heaven


Running time : 90 minutes

Directed by Bertrand van Effenterre
Co-written by Catherine Hoffmann and Bertrand Lorel
Original Soundtrack by Jean-Marie Sénia, Editions Cristal Publishing


Production Company(s)

France 3- TV5 Monde – TSR
With the partipation of the Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC)



François Berléand – Florence Pernel – Eric Laugérias – Jackie Berroyer- Nathalie Besançon – Isabelle Sadoyan – Rémy Adriaens.


A speedy and auto-centered culinary columnist, Fred Bonnemaison, a true Parisian by adoption, whose 80 year old dashing mother Suzanne ran away from her retirement home to join widows’ community libertarians, is suddenly forced to return to the countryside of Lyon. But, even though Fred quickly succeeds in finding Suzanne, it is at the cost of successive disasters, that will oblige him to stay much longer than planned, in the village of his childhood! This unplanned return to his native land will end in a professional public humiliation at the” Feast of the Creek ” from which Fred thinks he’d never recover! Unless … What if Fred, persuaded he had lost everything, was better off, contrary to all expectations? His time in the wilderness allows Fred to take up again with friends lost from sight, while getting closer to a neglected son, and even to a former « scapegoat » who could prove to be the only woman for him ! And what if it was never too late to change life?