Diamonds of Victory


Runing time : 90 minutes

Directed by Vincent Monnet
Written by Didier Decoin
Photos : (c) Gilles Gustine/FTV

Production Company(s)

France 3 / TV5 / 2010


Lorant Deutsch-Pierre Laplace


September 1792, the Tuileries were taken, and king Louis XVI dethroned . The hope of a more free, more just, and a more brotherly world competes with the anxiety of an everyday life made more uncertain and rougher by the chaos which reigns almost everywhere. In Paris especially, the tension is extreme. The armies of Austria and Prussia, under the orders of the redoubted duke of Brunswick, are at our borders and getting ready to march to the capital. In the middle of the night of September 13th, some individuals climb on the rope hung on a lantern and penetrate into the luxurious lounges of the furniture storehouse where are gathered all the crown jewels of France. Their objective is to seize this fabulous treasure consisting of the most extraordinary precious stones of all times.