Family spirit


Runing time : 90 minutes

Directed by Frédéric Berthe, based on an original idea of Coline and Richard Berry
Co-written by Richard Berry and Eric Assous
Original Soundtrack : Joseph Chedid, Editions Cristal Publishing
Photos (c) Bernard Barbereau/Exilène Films/FTV

Production Company(s)

France 2
With the partipation of the Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC)


Michael Youn, Ary Abittan, Marie Denarnaud, Pascale Louange, Michel Jonasz, Denise Chalem et Richard Berry.


Yvan and Max (40 and 38 years old) are brothers, and although a deep affection unites them, they could kill each other for many reasons. Yvan has a major defect which rots his existence. He is hypochondriac. Max is of an optimistic and carefree character. Their younger sister Hélène suffers from severe kidney problems. A transplant is imperative. The kidney from a “living” donor would have a greater chance of success. From now on, both brothers are requested and undergo numerous medical tests. Only one will be chosen to be the donor. Both brothers get engaged in a fratricide competition where both potential “donors” secretly hope to be… failed. Because,even though they sincerely love their sister and want to save her, both men and their families are scared to death.