Mado’s protocole


Running time : 90 minutes

Directed by François Luciani
Co-written by Jean-Luc, Seigle-Viviane Zingg et David Khayat
Photos : (c) Nicolas Robin/ France3


Production Company(s)

France3 / TV5 / 2005



Line Renaud-Jean – Claude Adelin


Mado, big boss of a hospital, is obliged to retire. But she is reassured, knowing that her son-in-law who succeeds her is going to continue their “work”, the implementation of a new protocol to treat a particularly severe cancer. One of Mado’s former patients relapsed, and she would need the protocol. But despite the promises, Mado’s son-in-law gives up the protocol, and sides with the financial requirements of the hospital. He listens to the reason and not the heart. In front of such a wall of incomprehension, Mado is going to fight of all her strengths against what she calls the dark forces.