A matter of taste


Running time : 90 minutes

Directed by Michaëla Watteaux
Co-written by Vincent Solignac and Pascal Légitimus


Production Company(s)

France 2 / 2005



Pascal Légitimus – Sophie Broustal


Olivier Desroses and Juliette Carignan have two children, Mélanie and Quentin. They decide to leave Paris for Burgundy. Juliette takes control of the sales management of an important trade company in wines and spirits. Olivier, a “very committed” French teacher in Parisian suburb, chooses to follow his partner and to take a sabbatical year. He takes care of their two children and tastes with delight the simple enjoyments of the life in the countryside. Except that Olivier is black and Juliette is white, and they find themselves in a provincial society which isn’t necessarily used to mix with… mixed couples. Confronted with the ordinary racism, each of them reacts differently, until put their couple in danger …