A Mother’s sorrow


Running time : 90 minutes

Directed by Gilles Béhat
Co-written by Jean-Luc Seigle and Michel Campioli


Production Company(s)

France 2 / 2003



Jacques Perrin- Anne Richard


The very end of the 70s in France. Karine Jubin, is a widow mother alone with her pain and huge rage since her 9-year-old son was murdered, without mobile, by a certain Régis Médard. Sentenced to death, the latter waits for its execution. And Karine awaits it even more, to allow her the grieving process. The “fight for justice” takes place during the french presidential election in 1981. Mitterrand decides to eliminate the sentence of death in France. Médard, the one and only French person sentenced to death, sees its punishment commuted to life imprisonment. Karine is revolted by this decision, and breaks all the ties with her life: she sells her house to take refuge in a studio which she rents from Joseph Rodman, a retired diplomat.